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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Crop Circle Interpretation by Maya Todorova


This crop circle appeared on July 8, 2014 Tetbury Lane, near Charlton, Wiltshire, UK. More pictures can be seen here:

An interpretation in accordance with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, which according to the Mayas is a Galactic Module.

The whole Galactic Module Tzolkin comprises 260 days (260 Kins) and is divided in 5 Castles, each of 52 days.

Each castle is divided in 4 wavespells, each of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.

Each day in Tzolkin has a Solar Seal and a Tone of Creation.
There are 20 Solar Seals and 13 Tones of Creation.
Each Solar Seal has a color.  There are 4 colors.

Meaning of the colors in the names of the energies and their connection with the 4 Directions and the 4 Elements:
RED - EAST - Initiation - Element EARTH
WHITE - NORD - Refinement - Element AIR
BLUE - WEST - Transformation - Element WATER
YELLOW - SOUTH - Ripening - Element FIRE

In each of the 5 Castles is performed the program of a Yellow Solar Seal, according to the following "plan" - here is indicated the name of the castle and the Solar Seal, which program is performed in this castle:

Red Castle (Kin 1 - Kin 52): Yellow Seed (Solar Seal No. 4)
White Castle (Kin 53 - Kin 104): Yellow Warrior (Solar Seal No. 16)
Blue Castle (Kin 105 - Kin 156): Yellow Star (Solar Seal No. 8)
Yellow Castle (Kin 157 - Kin 209): Yellow Sun (Solar Seal No. 20)
Central Green Castle (Kin 209 - Kin 260): Yellow Human (Solar Seal No. 12)


According to Tzolkin, 8th July 2014 is a day with the Solar Seal "BLUE MONKEY" and with the Tone 4, Kin 251.

8th July 2014 is the fourth day of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell. This wavespell is from July 5 to July 17, 2014.

This wavespell is the last, 4th wavespell of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment and it is the last, 20th wavespell of this Tzolkin module.

The Central Green Castle of Enchantment performs the program of the YELLOW HUMAN. In this castle, which is in the center of the Time Matrix, the Yellow Human synchronizes himself through the energies of the Enchantment and transforms himself thanks to the Synchronous order of the Universal Time.

On the pictogram are depicted symbolically through figures or through numbers following energies:

1) Energies of the Yellow Star Wavespell:

YELLOW STAR - Creativity, Elegance, Art, Harmony, Beauty - Solar Seal No. 8

BLUE MONKEY - Game, Magic, Illusion - Supporting Energy of the Yellow Star 
WHITE MIRROR - Reflection, Infinity, Meditation - Balancing Energy of the YELLOWSTAR

RED SKYWALKER - Explore, Space, Wakefulness - Solar Seal No. 13 - Occult Teacher of the YELLOW STAR 

2) Energies of the day: 
BLUE MONKEY - Game, Magic, Illusion - Solar Seal of the day
WHITE DOG - Love, Heart, Devotion - Occult Teacher of the BLUE MONKEY

3) YELLOW HUMAN - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom - Solar Seal No. 12
4) YELLOW SEED - Awareness, Target, Flowering - Solar Seal No. 4

At the end of the Central Green Castle the Yellow Seed "results " from the YellowHuman.

8th July 2014 is a day with the Tone 4 - the Self-existing Tone of the Form.
Some of the "functions' of Tone 4 are:

Creating of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
The expression of the Spirit enters in the Creation. Whole forms appear.
Synchronization with the 4 directions: East, Nord, West, South.

The Energy, which is in Tone 4, forms the structure of the Wavespell, it also shows the target of the Wavespell.

And on the pictogram is represented the structure of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell and it also shows the target of this Wavespell!

On the pictogram are depicted three "RAYS", each of 4 triangles.

Each RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes the TONE 4, which for its part symbolizes the 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) and the 4 Directons (East, North, West and South).

Besides, every RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes the Solar Seal No. 4 - YELLOW SEED.

The three RAYS, each of 4 triangles, include in total 12 triangles.
These 12 triangles symbolize the Solar Seal No. 12 - YELLOW HUMAN.

Each of this triangles is divided in 2 halfs, so every RAY has 8 smaller triangles.
A RAY of 8 smaller triangles symbolizes the Solar Seal No. 8 - YELLOW STAR.

 Снимка на Maya Todorova.

In the center of the pictogram we see the face of a MONKEY ;-)!
BLUE MONKEY is the energy of the day and the Supporting energy of the YELLOWSTAR.

The first circle in the center of the pictogram depicts the face of the Monkey.
The triangle in the very center of the pictogram is the "nose" of the Monkey.
The both triangles - on the left side and on the right side - above the "nose", are the "eyes" of the Monkey.
The triangle under the "nose" is the "smile" of the Monkey.

When we rotate the pictogram, each of these triangles (the two "eyes" and the "smile") can be a "smile" or an "eye".
The eyes and the smile of the Monkey radiate JOY!!

When we add to the face of the Monkey the next two triangles - one on the left side and one of the right side next to the "eyes" of the Monkey, we see the face of a DOG with two "ears".

THE BLUE MONKEY - the Energy of JOY, FUN, GAME - and the WHITE DOG - the Energy of LOVE, are mutually Occult Teacher, they are closely related.

The WHITE MIRROR is the base of the pictogram.
(White Mirror means Reflection, Infinity...)
But the Monkey in its typical style as illusionist, has "broken" the Mirror, so in result a "Mirror Effect" (or a Mirror Kaleidoscope) is obtained and the Smile of the Monkey and the Joy in her eyes are multiple reflected and they fill every YELLOW SEED and THEYELLOW HUMAN !

As an Illusionist, the MONKEY changes the "mask" on her face and now this is the face of the DOG, with "ears".
The WHITE DOG is the Energy of LOVE - Love, Heart, Devotion.
The Eyes and the Smile of the DOG radiate very much LOVE, which comes from his Heart.

The good MIRROR reflects this multiply, and all 12 triangles, i.e. the YELLOW HUMAN and all YELLOW SEEDS are filled with the Energy of Love!!

The Energy of the YELLOW STAR (the 8 smaller triangles in each RAY)  - Creativity, Beauty, Harmony, Art - also literally fills up every YELLOW SEED and the YELLOW HUMAN.

Exactly this is the goal of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell!!

The art, in which on the pictogram mathematically - with numbers and geometrically - is shown INCREDIBLY OBVIOUSLY how the energies of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell fill up the Yellow Human and the Yellow Seeds, is simply astonishing!!

The triangle in the very center of the pictogram, which is divided in 3 parts, symbolizes the Trinity:

Mother-God, Father-God and the God's Child
Physical body, Spirit and Soul

When we sum up the 12 triangles of the 3 RAYS and add the triangle in the center of the pictogram, we receive 13 triangles.
The number 13 symbolizes the 13th Solar Seal - "Red Skywalker", which is the Occult Teacher of the YELLOW STAR.

The "RED SKYWALKERis an Explorer. He constantly researches and strives to expand his horizons. He can not abide boundaries and limitations. Here he "brokes" the rigid geometrical figures - the big dark circle, the big triangle in this circle and the inner circle in the triangle. He strives to the Sky, to the Space.

This longing is passed to the three RAYS of 4 triangles each - we feel there this longing to the Open Space, to the Unknown.

A RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes a YELLOW SEED.
The Yellow Seeds here look like birds, who headily fly outwards, inspired through the energies of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell ;-).

They leave this last wavespell and the last Castle of Tzolkin, in order to settle in the RedCastle (the first castle) of the New Tzolkin Module.

My cordial thanks to Steve Alexander for the splendid photo of the crop circle!!

Maya Todorova


Photo credit: 
Steve Alexander

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