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Sunday, December 7, 2014

1976-An Alien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky

1976-AnAlien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky

Alien Abduction Stanford, Kentucky - B J Booth


Those who wish to study the phenomena of alien abduction, need to look no further than a three year period in the 1970's. No fewer than four cases occurred. 1973-the Pascagoula, Mississippi abduction, 1975-the Travis Walton abduction, 1976-the Allagash Waterway abduction, and the abduction of three women from Kentucky in 1976. On January 6, three old friends-Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas celebrated Mona's birthday at a restaurant in Lancaster. Driving home in Louise's Chevrolet on Highway 78, the three women see a bright, red object in the night sky.

UFO Controls the Chevy :
As the women watched the object, it began to move closer to their Chevy. Smith had lost control of her car. The little Chevy was going 85 mph, much faster than she had ever driven before. Frightened, she cries out, "I can't hold the car on the road." Stafford, sitting in the front passenger seat, grabs the wheel to help, thinking that something is wrong with the steering wheel. She has no luck. The car continued to speed down the highway at 85 mph. The object, now more clearly seen, was a large, metallic, disc-shaped UFO with a dome atop.

Backed into a Pasture:
A ring of red lights surrounded its midsection. All three women would later describe a yellow, blinking light on the object's underside. The UFO paced the car, positioned over the driver's side for a time, and then moved down the highway. As it left, a beam of blue-white light immersed the car's interior. Suddenly, the little Chevy was being backed up into a pasture just off the highway, through an entry way with two stone walls on either side. They then were back on the road, and everything was as it was before. An hour and twenty minutes had elapsed, unbeknownst to the women at the time.

Story Breaks:
Needless to say, the three women were frightened to death. They also were suffering from burns on areas of exposed skin. As they finally arrived home, they could not decide what to do next. They called the police station, and retired for the evening. The next day, they called the Navy recruiting office. The Navy released some details of the case to the Lexington television station. After the station broadcast a synopsis of the encounter on the air, the story broke to the major new media. When word of what had occurred to the three women reached MUFON, investigator Jerry Black requested an interview with them.

MUFON Investigates:
The three women at first were against the interview. Gun shy because of the press releases, and television news of the event, they wanted it to just go away, not perpetuate it. But Black finally convinced them of his compassion for their recent encounter, and his experience in dealing with similar cases. He also offered the presence of a woman, Peggy Schnell to be present at the interview. Finally, the three agreed to the interview. They began with some details of the sighting of the UFO, and its appearance.

Ill Effects from Encounter:
It was obvious to Black that the three women were suffering ill effects from their encounter. It was very painful for them to relive the events of that frightful night on the road. Though suffering, the women hoped that revealing their details might elevate some of their anxieties. Mrs. Thomas said, "We live in fear of what we don't know. I'm worried about Lou and Mona. I think they're ready for a breakdown." Eventually, several other investigators and researchers would join the search for what really happened to the three women. Regressive hypnosis was a viable option.

Taken Aboard Craft:
The regressive hypnosis sessions revealed what the investigators feared-the three women had been abducted! They were taken aboard the unknown craft, and subjected to medical experimentation. These procedures included very personal, sometimes crude tests. The women thought they were tortuous. Though the women were not sexually violated, they were placed in embarrassing, humiliating positions.

There would also be corroborating evidence of the encounter. There were UFO sightings in Casey and Lincoln counties, and also an amazing report from a farmer who owned the property where the car was backed into. This report is a rare verified sighting of an actual abduction as it occurred. He stated that not far from his home, he saw a low-flying object shoot down a beam to the ground near an automobile. There can be no doubt that Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas saw a UFO, and were taken aboard this craft for medical procedures against their will.

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