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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Early UFO Reports -- 1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs

1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs

 Washington D C UFOs -

The statement that UFOs normally only appear in desolate areas is definitely not true. Especially considering the 1952 buzzing of the White House, Capitol building, and the Pentagon. There were basically two separate waves of UFOs over our Capitol. The first occurred on July 19/20, and the second on July 26/27. The sightings were confirmed by ground and airplane radar, and visual reports from pilots sent to validate the objects. Also, photographs were taken, and one of these is included in our Best UFO Photographs Gallery

Defying Government Agencies:
At this time, our government had acknowledged through official reports that they believed UFO sightings studied since 1948 showed that the unknown flying objects were interplanetary devices. Seemingly defying the very government agency that was so intent on keeping their existence a secret, the UFOs over Washington D. C. case is one of the most important events in UFO history.

Unbelievable Speed:
The irrefutable radar returns were seen at Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base. Government officials were at a loss to account what was happening over their own air space. The blips traveled around 100 mph for the most part, but what was unbelievable was their ability to reach the astonishing speed of 7,200 mph when accelerating. The capabilities of the UFOs were far beyond our technological proficiency at the time.

Vanished From Sight:
The U.S. Air Force Air Defense Command was first notified of what was occurring by Andrews Air Force Base. Immediately, several F-94 night fliers were ordered to hunt down and verify the subject of the radar sightings. However, repairs being done on a runway delayed their response. There would be actual dogfights between the U. S. planes and the UFOs, with our planes being out-maneuvered.

Illusive Targets:
By the time our first missions were off the ground, the UFOs were nowhere to be seen. But, when our planes returned to ground, the UFOs were back, as if taunting our defenses. For hours, U.S. planes chased the illusive targets, yet without success. Pilots could actually see the perplexing objects, but as they approached, the lights of the UFOs vanished.

A Quiet Week:
After the first wave of UFOs, there was a quiet week. But, on July 26, back they came. Again, there were multiple radar confirmations of the objects, and again F-94s were sent to confront the invading fliers. Pilots saw the same frustration as the week before. As soon as they approached the UFOs, the lights of the pursued blacked out. The frustration of our pilots could be summed up in an air to ground radio transmission: "They've surrounded my plane, what should I do?"

Air Force Press Conference:
The importance of the events over Washington, D.C. would produce an Air Force press conference on July 29. The public had every right to expect an answer to why our Air Force was unable to prevail over the unknown objects so easily speeding through our skies. Major John A Samford was in charge of the conference. The answer to the question was less than adequate.

Official Explanation:
The Air Force explanation: "temperature inversion" This weather phenomena can be illustrated by ground lights when they reach the clouds, give the illusion of lighted craft flying in the sky. If this explanation is to be accepted, we would then have our jets flying at mirages in the sky. An eager public accepted this explanation at first-the alternative was that we were being invaded by beings from another world.

Explanation Scoffed At:
Naturally, those who favored the UFO explanation laughed at the Air Force's rationality. Even Project Blue Book joined in later, by saying the "temperature inversion" explanation was bogus, and the Washington D. C. sightings were labeled "unexplained."

The UFOs over Washington D. C. were observed by many, and even photographed. The witnesses were of "high" caliber, including Air Force personnel, making the D. C. sightings a strong case for UFO activity.

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