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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

PRG Media Release -- Nuclear Weapons Tampering

PRG Media Release -- Nuclear Weapons Tampering

Paradigm Research Group <>5 October 2015 at 20:23


October 5, 2015
Media Release
Paradigm Research Group

Nuclear Weapons Tampering
Why no congressional hearings or campaign questions?

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Washington, DC - Below is a sample list from hundreds of mainstream, English language articles regarding incidents where vehicles of unknown origin - almost certainly extraterrestrial - have hovered over nuclear missile sites. Intercontinental ballistic missiles were turned off (taken off line) only to be turned on again by site crews after the craft had left the area. 

Hundreds of other articles in foreign language press have also been published on this matter.

Two books adressing this extraordinary information have been published: Faded Giant (2005) by Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, ret.) and UFO's and Nukes: Extraordinary Encountes at Nuclear Weapons Sites (2008) by Robert Hastings.

Air Force officers also spoke to the media on this matter in a press conference at the National Press Club on September 27, 2010. 

More Air Force officers testified to these events at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club on April 30, 2013.

This brings up two important questions. If this information has been in the public domain since the first witnesses came forward in 2001, why haven't top tier network, cable and print journalists put any questions regarding nuclear weapons tampering to the Air Force, Pentagon, White House or any candidate seeking the presidency since 2004?

And why has there not been a single congressional hearing addressing these incidents?

PRG is seeking the answer to these questions in Washington, DC as part of a congressional hearing initiative ongoing since November of 2014.

09/20/10 - Mr. Salas goes to Washington (again) - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald Tribune
09/23/10 - US Nukes switched off by UFOs - TechEye
09/24/10 - Former Air Force captain to expose UFO threat - Perth Now (Australia)
Digital Journal
AOL News
09/25/10 - Aliens Have Attacked US - Paul Thompson, Daily Express (UK)
09/26/10 - Video: UFO Incursions a Reality? - Fox News
09/27/10 - Military Men Tie UFO Sightings To Weapons Testing - KTVU-TV (San Francisco)
09/27/10 - .Aliens interfering with nukes, say Air Force officers - Emma Wollacott, TG Daily
09/27/10 - Aliens 'hit our nukes' claim US airmen - Daily India (India)
09/27/10 - Space Invaders? UFOs Reportedly Visiting Nuke Sites - Samira Sadeque, Talk Media News
Brian Caulfield, Forbes
09/27/10 - Colonel: I saw nuke site - Sun (UK)
09/27/10 - Ex-USAF officers: UFOs targeted global nukes - RT TV (Russia)
09/27/10 - Former Air Force officers discuss UFO sightings - Ledyard King, Air Force Times
09/27/10 - Close encounters? Former Air Force officers discuss UFO sightings - East Central Indiana Star Press
09/27/10 - Twisted History:: UFOs for real? Middletown Press
Andy Bloxham, Telegraph (UK)
09/27/10 - UFO expert: Aliens cautioning humans on nukes - Jeff Scholgol, Stars and Stripes
09/27/10 - UFO visits to nuclear facilities? Hmmmm. - John Kelly, Washington Post
09/27/10 - Video: Former Air Force Officials Claim UFO Sighted at Military Bases - Tom Fitzgerald, WTTG-TV (Washington, DC)
09/27/10 - UFOs 'hovering above US military bases' Melbourne Herald Sun (Australia)
09/27/10 - UFOs 'tampered with nukes' - Vince Sodin, Sun (UK)
09/27/10 - 'Alien plot to snoop on our nukes' - Mirror (UK)
09/27/10 - Aliens Tampered with out Nuclear Weapons Say Ex-military Chiefs - Joanna Walters, Daily Express (UK)
09/27/10 - 'Aliens Tampered With Nuclear Weapons' - MOD Oracle (UK)
09/27/10 - Video: Former Air Force officers go public on UFOs - Greg Wyland, NECN
Dearing, Digital Journal
09/27/10 - Aliens 'interfered with weapons' - Belfast Telegraph (Ireland)
09/28/10 - Airmen Tell of UFO Sightings at US Military Bases - WTTG-TV (Washington, DC)
09/28/10 - UFO Press Conference: Former Military Men Tell of UFOs and Nukes - Matthew Robertson,Epoch Times (New Zealand)
09/28/10 - Ex-Air Force: UFOs, Nukes Tampering Claims - Mitch Marconi, Post Chronicle
09/28/10 - UFO'S Kept an Eye on U.S. Nukes - Sky Valley Chronicle
09/28/10 - Ex-air force officers reveal that UFO's used to eye the nukes - ThaiIndian News (Thailand)
09/28/10 - Tinfoil Tuesdays: UFOs Neutered Nukes, Officers Claim - Spencer Ackerman, Wired
09/28/10 - Former Airmen to Govt.: Come Clean on UFOs - Mae Heussner, ABC News
09/28/10 - Ex-Air Force Officers: UFOs Monitored Nuke Sites - Lee Speigel, AOL News
09/28/10 - Aliens land and target US, UK nuke sites - Daily Telegraph (Australia)
09/28/10 - UFOs targeted nuclear missiles, say former USAF officers - Toby Harnden, Montreal 
Gazette (Canada)
New York Magazine
09/28/10 - Video: Group says UFOs found nuclear weapons? - KNXV-TV (Phoenix)
09/28/10 - Aliens "interfered with nuclear weapons" - Eliot Sefton, The Week (UK)
09/28/10 - Ex-Air Force Commanders: UFOs Are The Real Deal - KSAZ-TV (Phoenix)
09/28/10 - Aliens "tampered" with nuclear weapons at Suffolk base - East Anglian Daily Times (UK)
09/28/10 - Did aliens intrude into nuclear weapons zone? - Brahmand Defence & Aerospace News 
09/28/10 - Airmen Tell of UFO Sightings at US Military Bases - WFLD-TV (Chicago)
09/28/10 - Aliens 'interfering with nuclear weapons' - St. Helens Reporter (UK)
09/28/10 - Ex-Air Force Member: UFOs Eyed Nukes - WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, FL)
09/28/10 - Former Air Force officers go public with UFO sightings - Reno Gazette-Journal
09/28/10 - Aliens 'interfering with nuclear weapons' - Morely Observer and Advertiser
09/28/10 - Aliens 'interfering with nuclear weapons' - Mirfield Reporter
09/28/10 - Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes - WLTX-TV (Columbia, SC)
09/28/10 - Ex-military personnel confirm UFO sightings - KMOV-TV (St. Louis)
09/28/10 - Video: Ex-Air Force officials reveal UFO sightings - KABC-TV (Los Angeles)
09/28/10 - UFO Press Conference: Aliens Interested in Our Nukes - Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience
09/28/10 - We can be heroes, just for one day - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald Tribune
09/28/10 - Sci-fi wars? Pilots say UFOs knocked out nukes - Chris Matyszczyk, CNET
09/28/10 - UFOs Spying on our Nukes, Airmen claim - Jorge Ribas, Discovery News
09/28/10 - US Colonel's Proof of Alien Cover-up - Daily Star (UK)
09/28/10 - ET's No Nukes - Mari Herreras, Tuscon Weekly
09/28/10 - Air Force Officers Discuss UFO Sightings at National Press Club - Yobie Benjamin, San Francisco Chronicle
09/28/10 - Secret UFO Files: More Defence Force Disclosures (Video) - Nicholas McLaughlin, Epoch Times (New Zealand)
09/29/10 - Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs deactivated nukes - Theresa Collington, WTSP-TV (Tampa Bay)
09/29/10 - Government UFO Cover Up Should Go Public, Say Former Air Force Officials -  John DeRonde, Associated Content
09/29/10 - UFO Believers Say ET Could Come Calling on the Metro - Rob Low, WDAF-TV (Kansas City)
09/29/10 - They come in peace  - Matthew Frank, Missoula Independent
09/29/10 - Are they watching us? Big mystery under the Big Sky - Great Falls Tribune
09/30/10 - The "Space Guys" are watching - Sam Bari, Jamestown Press
09/30/10 - Did UFOs Disarm Nuclear Weapons? And If So, Why? - Benjamin Radford, Live Science
09/30/10 - The media, um, void, contacted. - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald Tribune
10/05/10 - Truth Told: UFOs disarming nukes? - Dhaka Daily Star, (Bangladesh)
Daily Caller
10/06/10 - UFO sightings down in northwest - Rikki Schierer, Houston Today
10/07/10 - The government's response to the UFO news conference - Sam Bari, Jamestown Press
10/14/10 - UFOS and the U.S. Air force - Jane Switzer, Macleans (Canada)
10/21/10 - UFOs photographed in Kunming at night - People's Daily (China)
10/31/10 - Officials blamed UFOs for disarming nukes - Thane Burnett, Toronto Sun (Canada)
Incident - Reuters
and Analysis (India)
11/16/11 - UFO expert speaks about nuclear sites - Cody Owens, Virginia Tech Collegiate Times
astronaut Edgar Mitchell - Jasper Hamill, Daily Mirror (UK)
08/13/15 - 5 things to know: Astronaut says aliens prevented nuclear Atlanta Journal Constitution
08/15/15 - Apollo astronaut claims aliens prevented Cold War nuclear war - WXPI-TV (Pittsburgh, PA)
News - New York Courier
08/15/15 - Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Aliens Stopped US-Russ - Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax
08/15/15 - Apollo astronaut claims aliens prevented Cold War nuclear war - Atlanta Journal Constitution
08/15/15 - Aliens stopped nuclear war, says man who walked on the Moon - Felicity Cross, Daily 
Star (UK)
Headlines and Global News
08/16/15 - Nuclear war on Earth prevented by aliens, astronaut says - Clark Smith, Gazette Tribune
08/16/15 - Apollo 14 Astronaut Claims Aliens Visited Earth - William Bigelow, Breitbart News
08/16/15 - Aliens visited Earth to prevent nuclear war - Daily Telegraph (Australia)
08/16/15 - Aliens stopped nuclear war, says man who walked on the Moon - Irish Daily Star (Ireland)
08/17/15 - What Aliens Did When They Visited Us, NASA Astronauts Explains - Bernice Dunbar, Ledger Gazette
08/17/15 - Edgar Mitchell says Aliens Interfered to Stop US-Russia Nuclear War - Gloria Bradley,  NYC Today
to boost their argument - Daniel Bates, Daily Mail (UK)
08/17/15 - Aliens Exist and Help Create Peace on Earth, says Edgar Mitchell - Felix Balthaser, Newsmaine
08/17/15 - ALIENS PREVENTED NUCLEAR WAR' - Apollo 14 astronaut - Malaysia Chronicle (Malaysia)
08/17/15 - Apollo Astronaut Says UFOs Came to Prevent Nuclear War - Kiona Smith-Strickland, 
08/17/15 - Astronaut Claims Aliens Exist and Are All About World Peace - Daniel Austin, Apex Tribune
Moore, Gentlemen's Quarterly
08/18/15 - Earth May Have Been Visited by Hippie Aliens in the '70s - Aimee Kuvadia,
08/18/15 - Astronaut from NM says aliens stopped nuclear wars - Matthew Reichbach, NM Political 
Paris Match (France)
Mitchell, Christian Today

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