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Friday, June 20, 2014

PRG JUNE 19, 2014

June 20, 2014
Past PRG Updates and Press Releases are archived here.
Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI) - Update
The Congressional Hearing Initiative has been rescheduled to launch right after the November 4 mid-term election. This rescheduling is primarily the result of new political developments and the proximity to the election. The political developments include the veterans medical care scandal, the Bergdahl prisoner swap and the Sunni insurgency spreading across Syria and Iraq.  
This toxic combination in play during the last months of the congressional election campaigns will make worse a hyperpartisan political climate many thought could not get worse. They were wrong.
There are some benefits to this strategy. It will provide more time for PRG to raise the level of funding needed to give the initiative a real chance to succeed. Perhaps of greater value is the congressional members will have either won or lost the election. The winners will be feeling confident and mandated. The losers, most facing the end of their political career, may be open to doing something profound before leaving office January 3, 2015.
As indicated in the last PRG Update a new, relevant Open Letter to the President is ready for wider publication and previewed in Exopolitics Magazine, the White House Disclosure Petition VI is ready for submission to "We the People," a place to stay near Capitol Hill has been secured for the summer. The CHI email/tweet storm will be coordinated at.  All of this will unfold in early November.
Note: while the CHI has been postponed until November when the CHD DVD sets will be shipped to the Congress, the contributor CHD DVD sets will be delivered soon.
Not surprisingly, the question most ask of me is "when will Disclosure happen?".  There have been windows of opportunity, which I have pointed out and attempted to capitalize on. Some people have predicted the actual date - always a mistake. No one knows when Disclosure will occur. But the question is asked, and for a number of years my answer has been consistent: Disclosure is inevitable and soon, but will it be soon enough?
It is the "soon enough" aspect of this answer some struggle to understand.
My father served in the Navy during WWII. He was at Quadalcanal among other places of note. I don't believe he killed anyone, he was a medic. But he saw things, things he never talked about when he returned. Many a father and son became estranged because dad couldn't talk about the most profound experience in his life, or for that matter, much else.
WWII ended with the firebombing of Japanese cities and the nuclear bombing of two more cities leading to a quick surrender. My father was released through Australia to return to America and conceive one more baby boomer, one more nuclear child, one more potential recruit for the next conflict.

The dogs of war have been chasing the human race down through history for at least eight thousand years. There have been 250 wars just since 1900 generating 80 million war casualties and hundreds of millions of refugees. (Note: the world refugee count recently reached 50 million for the first time since WWII.)
Each war sets the stage for the next. WWII prefaced wars in Korea and Vietnam among many others, and of course, WWIII. The end game was at hand. Humans had finally created weapons that could destroy it all - people, infrastructure, even the biosphere. WWIII would be the crowning achievement of the human race's love affair with weapons and violence.

But, alas, WWIII became the Cold War. Humans caught a break. Of even greater import, at exactly the same time a pending WWIII morphed into the Cold War it began to rain extraterrestrials around the world.

Apparently the dogs of war were not the only creatures following humans down through the millennia.

When the Cold War ended half way through the presidential term of George H. W. Bush, the door to Disclosure opened. From the perspective of the military/intelligence community, Bush would have been the perfect "Disclosure President."  However, there was a war underway - the Gulf War - giving logic to holding off until Bush's second term. That second term never came and the door closed.

Nine years later the Disclosure advocacy movement was making headway and one hundred media assembled in the ballroom of the National Press Club to be introduced to the testimony of scores of military/agency/political witnesses to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The May 9, 2001 press conference produced by the Disclosure Project was a milestone event. The door opened again.
Four months later almost to the day a massive attack took place in New York and Washington, DC. The dogs of war were loose again, a new war with more to follow was a month away, and the door closed.
Twelve years later forty witnesses from ten countries testified in that same ballroom for thirty hours over five days before six former member of the United States Congress. This was not a press conference, it was a citizen hearing, and it was filmed and webcast. The 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event, and the door to Disclosure opened again.
The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was designed and intended to be the prelude to a Congressional Hearing Initiative leading to congressional hearings and the end of the truth embargo "soon enough."  For this reason the delays that developed after the CHD were painful and concerning for good reason. 
As the November launch of the Congressional Hearing Initiative approaches the dogs of war are sniffing new meat and gathering for the next wars. And so it goes.
The global human societal presence is just one coronal mass ejection event, one massive ebola outbreak, one nuclear weapons miscalculation, one global financial meltdown away from chaos. And all this while the biosphere strains under a growing assault on its fundamental structure and balance.
Ultimately the proliferation of nuclear and bio weapons materials and technology unchecked by paradigm change only leads to one outcome - the end of human civilization.
Those who think extraterrestrials will messianically intervene and prevent this outcome without Disclosure first are rolling the existential dice.

The CHI will go forward - wars or no wars. We are running out of time. 
PRG invites all who understand this dynamic to step forward and support the Congressional Hearing Initiative - now - while it is still "soon enough."
Stephen Bassett
Los Angeles
June 19, 2014
PRG 2014 Western Europe Speaking Tour - Sept 15 to Oct 30

Western Europe Speaking Tour

The Europe Tour is developing with lectures now slated for Leeds, UK; Oslo, Norway and Paris, France. Other events in Finland, Norway, Portugal and the UK are in development. Highlighted dates indicate when Mr. Bassett will speak. All dates for each city are listed should someone want to schedule an additional side lecture while he is in town.  The current schedule:
Leeds, UK - September  26, 26, 28
Leeds Metropolitan University (Rose Bowl)
Contact:  Anthony Beckett
Paris, France - September 29, 30, October 1
Details Pending
Contact:  Denis Denocla

Portugal - October 3, 4, 5, 6 (Pending)
Oslo, Norway - October 9, 10, 11, 12 (there may be multiple speaking dates)
Eldorado Bookstore
Eldoradogården AS, Torggt 9 a, 0181 Oslo
Contact:  Ryan Nichols
Please contact PRG at:   to set up a venue.  Thanks.
45th MUFON Symposium - July 17-20 - Cherry Hill, NJ (near Philadelphia)
Toronto Conference/Retreat - August 28-30
Laughlin, NV Conference - November 14-16
Other Developments of Interest
Stranger at the Pentagon Film
PRG colleague Craig Campobasso's directorial debut, Stranger at the Pentagon, is an official selection of the 2014 International Burbank Film Festival. 

Saturday September 6. (block of 3 short films). Starts at 7 pm. Red Carpet at 6 pm
AMC Burbank Town Center 6 Theaters, 770 N. 1st Street, Burbank, CA 91502 USA

After party reception follows screening (at the sound stage 5 minutes away.)
Tickets: $15 (Includes Screening & Reception)    Buy tickets HERE

Conferences Upcoming

San Mateo, CA - June 28-29
Cherry Hill, NJ - July 18-20
Joshua Tree, CA -  Aug 8-10 
Toronto, Canada - Aug 28-30
Portland, ME - Sept 5-7 
Leeds, UK - Sept 26-28 
San Jose, CA - Oct 11-12 
Leonminster, MA - Oct 17-18
Pittsburgh, PA - Nov 8
Laughlin, NV - Nov 14-16
PRG Projects
Congressional Hearing Initiative
UN Resolution Initiative
PRG Media Interview and Speaking Schedule (Stephen Bassett) - 2014
Upcoming Interviews - 2014
July 21 - 11 pm PST  Other World Radio

Upcoming Lectures/Panels 

MUFON International Symposium - Philadelphia, PA - July 17-20
Contact in the Desert - Joshua Tree, CA - August 8-10
Experiencers Speak Conference - Portland, ME - Sept 5-7

Past 2014 Interviews [included as most are archived.]

April 18 - 6 pm PST  Paranormal and the Sacred Radio w/ Charylene McCaine
March 11 - 7:30 pm PST
February 20 - 5-7 pm PST Third Phase Moon w/ John Ilias
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