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Friday, June 14, 2013

PRG Update - June 14, 2013

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PRG Update - June 14, 2013

Note: In addition to PRG's core mailing list this PRG Update is being sent out to all those who have shown an interest in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure that was produced by PRG in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3.   If you are receiving a PRG Update for the first time and do not wish to receive occasional PRG Updates in the future, you may unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of this email.

Robert Bigelow on Disclosure

A significant milestone occurred during the second hour of the March 31, 2013 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM with guest host George  Knapp.   Robert Bigelow is the billionaire founder and CEO of Bigelow Aerospace.  He has significant government contacts and has worked with NASA for many years on various projects centering on the private use of space.  Recently NASA awarded a $17.8 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace to provide a Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which is scheduled to arrive at the space station in 2015 for a two-year technology demonstration.

During the second hour of his interview on Coast to Coast AM Mr. Bigelow repeatedly confirmed the presence of extraterrestrials engaging the human race.  Furthermore, Bigelow stated he supported Disclosure, which he referred to as "Confirmation."    Like many others, Mr. Bigelow confuses Disclosure (capital "D") with disclosure (small "d").  He does not support the revealing of information to the public beyond the basic announcement itself.   Disclosure (capital "D") is just the basic acknowledgement and the primary goal of the ET truth movement.  What follows will be a matter to be resolved between the American people and their government.

As of March 31, 2013 Robert Bigelow became the wealthiest person on Earth to acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence.     Which billionaire will be next?    Spielberg, Lucas, Gates, Branson, Soros?

Media Notice - The Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett

On June 23 (8 pm to 10 pm PST) PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will appear on The Conspiracy Show out of Toronto, Canada.  Joining Stephen will be Canadian Thomas Clearwater, the executive producer of the Citizen Hearing/Truth Embargo Documentary project.  Thomas and Stephen will discuss a range of issues centering on the Citizen Hearing and Disclosure.

Media Notice - Monthly Live Webcast
A project is under consideration to launch a live monthly webcast - Disclosure Countdown w/ Stephen Bassett.   This would be a fully produced, live webcast with Q&A for a subscription of $10/month or $100/year.   Bassett would continue to do radio/TV interviews - he has done well over a thousand such interviews to date - but the live webcast would provide those with deeper interest in the issues a chance to ask their questions - something usually not possible with program interviews.

The project is not locked in yet, and your feedback is welcome.   Do you think this is a constructive project?   If so, what day and time of day do you think optimal for such a webcast?   Thanks.

Citizen Hearing Foundation (CHF)

The full Citizen Hearing Foundation website will be up soon and begin raising funds for two immediate projects:  a second citizen hearing and a campaign seeking state sponsors for a U. N. resolution calling for a world conference sponsored by the United Nations to present the evidence supporting an extraterrestrial hypothesis behind the ongoing phenomena.

Citizen Hearing Documentary - Truth Embargo

The documentary attached to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has completed 70% of the needed filming and will soon begin the editing phase.   A flash page  website is up.  The full site will be posted in the coming weeks.

Because the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, an unprecedented event, cost more than twice the projected budget, a crowd funding project will be undertaken on the film website to help get the documentary done this year while achieving the highest possible production values.  We hope the supporters of the Disclosure process around the world will want to be part of history in the making.   Keep an eye out for the website and crowd funding announcement along with the film trailer coming soon.

CHD Media Coverage

One of the more remarkable media engagements of the CHD involved the New York Daily News.  The Daily News is very much like many of the London papers.  It is a hybrid between a tabloid and a standard daily.   The Daily News sent reporter Dan Friedman to cover the CHD on day one, and Friedman wrote a particularly egregious hit piece.   The paper got so much grief from its readers and others on the Internet, Friedman was required to write a second article published on day five.    The links to these two articles are listed above.  Read, compare and enjoy.

Also, the New York Times sent a reporter who spent three days at the CHD.  The result was the article listed above.   Some consider this article a breakthrough of sorts.  That remains to be seen, but feel free to show your appreciation to The Gray Lady for this coverage.

Citizen Hearing Webcast

The CHD webcast archives remain open in English and Spanish.   Webcasting is a developing technology.  It is not like television.   With so many types of computers, operating systems and Internet access, the spectrum of user satisfaction is broad.  And then there are the pay portals.

Many of the user issues were caused by two factors:  1)  subscribers received two emails: one from PayPal with the receipt, which some assumed would have the password and one from CHD with the access password, and 2) often one or both of these emails were diverted to the subscriber's "spam" or "junk" email boxes.    Additional language has been added to the webcast pages alerting subscribers to these issues.


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